Are you feeling stressed? Is your energy low, your life out of balance ?
Do you suffer from anxiety or tension?

Loukia van den Bergh-de Beer

Psychosomatic and systemic therapist

“My background as a Mensendieck therapist has taught me to observe carefully the body and to read body language. My approach is to pay attention to the body and the mind, to feelings and emotions and to  the soul’s needs, while also taking into account the client's family history.”


Who am I?

In 1982 I earned my diploma as a Mensendieck therapist. For 15 years I have worked in my own practice motivated   by my interest in and commitment to people and the way in which they literally and figuratively move and experience life.  I have found supporting people in the process of reaching awareness and experiencing growth very valuable and deeply inspiring. Growth can only be achieved when there is an understanding of an individual’s make-up, both physical and psychological. Making contact with one's body is an invaluable means to achieve insight on all these levels. Therefore psychosomatic therapy can be a very useful tool for a variety of complaints.

I believe in the individual, in the individual’s strength and ability to develop and heal himself/herself.  


Psychosomatic and systemic therapy

In the course of my life I have become increasingly fascinated by the psychological and emotional background to of people's complaints, behaviour, posture and movement.

I increased my knowledge and trained to become a psychosomatic and systemic therapist. I followed training sessions and courses in the areas of bio- energetic analysis, attachment, breathing, relaxation and sexuality. I also took the course “Expertise in Contact” training   as well as a course learning how to apply the systemic method of Bert Hellinger (family relationships)to working with individual clients. I use all the knowledge and experience gained  from the above in my approach to the client and to address his/her main concerns.

Bio energetic analysis (Alexander Lowen) is based on the fact that someone’s life history is buried in his/her body and mind; painful life experiences are anchored in the body in the form of chronic muscle tension. Breathing also reacts very sensitively to tension, stress and emotion. All of these factors can cause decreased mobility and energy, tension in the body and possibly also problems with personal relationships or in the work place. The systemic work of Hellinger enables us to experience the extent to which we and our behaviour and reactions are connected with our family history and our family system; this insight and acknowledgment have a healing effect.


My method of working  

By means of discussion and specific exercises one gains insight into the way in which an individual experiences life. I encourage people to get moving, to let go of redundant patterns of behaviour and to live more freely. Functioning properly no longer needs to be determined by reactive patterns developed during painful life experiences.


My therapy is tailor-made to the individual and focuses on breathing, relaxation and expressing emotions and feelings. The purpose is to improve contact with the body, to let go of built up tensions, to increase self-confidence and to learn to connect to one’s inner strength.

“Our body and our posture show how we experience life and whether we are able to move freely. By removing emotional and physical blockages our life energy can again flow fully”.

 “For anybody prepared to look in the mirror to discover the how and why of his/her physical and emotional movement”.


Referral and cost

Referral by your G.P. or specialist is not necessary .You can sign up for therapy at your own initiative and can still be covered by your health insurance.

The cost of this therapy will be reimbursed as long as you have taken out supplementary health insurance; the number of treatments covered and the actual amount reimbursed will depend on the conditions of your particular policy. For those younger than 18 the treatment is covered under a basic insurance policy. My rate is 65 euros per hour.